Welcome Jackrabbits

    FEBRUARY 2023

    • Jan - Feb – New Year; New You

    Become a better you


    • Jan 9 - March 2 – ReadSquared 

    Read for prizes


    • Jan 30 - March 2 – Course Selections

    The HUB is closed during 5th period lunch.  All Dual Credit students must report to the Comp Gym. The counseling team will be meeting with students in the HUB during their social studies class to schedule courses for next school year. 


    • Feb 1 - Feb 28 – Black History Month

    The HUB is highlighting the work of popular contemporary black authors.  Come see our collection. 


    • Feb 14 – Valentine's Day

    During the month of February, the HUB is falling in love with romance.  Come see our selection of young adult romance novels. 


    • Feb 17 - Feb 21 – Presidents' Day Holiday

    No school on Friday, Feb 17 and Monday, Feb 21.  


    • March 6 - 10 – Spring Break 



Important Links

  • Want to check out a book, but can't come to the HUB?

    Use Destiny Catalog to look for the book you want.  Then, email Mrs. Enriquez, aeenriquez@forneyisd.net.  In your email include the title and author of the book.  We'll check-it out to you and then deliver it to your class. 

  • Book of the Week

    Anxious People, by Fredrik Backman

    Humorious and lighthearted while still tackling tough issues, Backman writes about the human condition in a way that everyone can relate to.  If you enjoy plot twists and a little comedy, you'll enjoy "Anxious People."