• Volunteering for Forney ISD

    Forney ISD requires all individuals who will be a volunteer, serve as a field trip chaperone, or serve as an independent contractor to satisfy a volunteer process:

    Step 1:  FISD Volunteer Training
    Review the Forney ISD Volunteer Training slides.

    Step 2: Register in Virtuous Volunteer (formerly VOMO)
    On the Virtuous Volunteer website, click the blue "Join" button to join the ForneyISD Hub and create an account with your personal information.

    Step 3: Background Check
    After you register for Virtuous Volunteer, we will initiate the background check. Please keep an eye on your email for this invitation from VOMO (be sure to check your spam folder). You may have to provide additional information to complete the background check and the process will take 1-2 business days. NOTE: the background check will automatically expire after 1 year.

    Step 4: Volunteer for Projects
    Once your background check has cleared, you will receive a notification that you are able to sign up for projects. Login to Virtuous Volunteer to sign up for projects with volunteer opportunities. Your campus and PTO Executive Board will always keep you updated as new volunteer opportunities arise.

  • Background checks are provided by Sterling Volunteers through the Virtuous Volunteer registration process. The background check process must be completed annually. Forney ISD has practices in place to keep any information submitted through the form or obtained through the criminal history check secure/confidential. Participants will be notified of their status once the background process has been completed. Those applying for approval may also check with a campus office to determine if their participation has been cleared/approved. In addition to the initial check, our background check provider will run monthly checks and provide us with any updates. If your approval status changes, you will be notified.

    Questions regarding criminal history checks for volunteers, guests and participants, should be directed to Jenny Henricks, Communications Coordinator, jdhenricks@forneyisd.net.