• Intermediate and Middle School Grades (5-8)

    Starting in 5th grade, students will have the opportunity to enroll in subject-specific advanced courses. These courses will be in the core subject areas (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies). GT students will be provided services through specific clusters within the advanced classes and may choose to follow an advanced humanities (English and Social Studies), advanced STEM (Math and Science, plus an optional STEM elective), or total advanced path (advanced courses in all 4 core areas).

    In addition to core classes, advanced students will be encouraged to participate in academic competitions, such as UIL. Students can also continue to take advantage of Credit by Examination to test out of courses for which the content is already known. For students who accelerate into high school level courses in intermediate or middle school, accommodations will be made to enable students to take higher-level courses.


    High School Grades (grades 9-12)

    Academic offerings will be similar in structure to previous grade levels. In addition to general advanced courses, advanced students will be encouraged to enroll in Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses. Thanks to the Forney Education Foundation, scholarships are available to students to help with the cost of AP exams and Dual Credit tuition. If you're not sure which of those course types will work best for you, here is an article from Dallas Morning News that, although old, may help.