• Residency Verification Documents: 


    • Mortgage Statement or Lease Agreement (may be verified with landlord/leasing agent) with FISD address
    • Current utility bill with FISD address (water, gas or electric only)


    Other documents that may be required:

    • Bona Fide Residence Affidavit (living with a Forney Resident Homeowner)
    • Power of Attorney (student living with a Forney Resident, separate and apart from parent/guardian)

    These documents can be obtained from the campus. Please contact the campus office for these documents and/or an appointment time to pick these up. 


    • Application for Early Enrollment Based on Documentation of Intended Residence (family moving to Forney into a new or existing home within 120 days from the date of enrollment)

    This application "Intended Residence" can be found on the Student Services page.