Welcome to Forney ISD! We are so glad to have you come learn with us!

  • Please follow Steps 1 and 2 below to create a Skyward login and password and complete the new student online enrollment application.



    IMPORTANT NOTE: If your student has been enrolled in Forney ISD previously, please do not create a new student enrollment. Please complete the Returning Student Verification located under Student Services/Returning Students - Returning Student Verification.  



Documents Required for New Student Enrollment

    • Withdrawal Form or Final Report Card from previous school (if applicable)
    • Transcript from previous school (high school only)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Immunization Record
    • Parent/Guardian Driver's License

Residency Verification Documents

    • Mortgage Statement or Lease Agreement with FISD address
    • Current utility bill with FISD address (water, gas or electric only)


    Other documents that may be required:

    • Bona Fide Residence Affidavit (living with a Forney Resident)
    • Power of Attorney (student living with a Forney Resident, separate and apart from parent/guardian)

    These documents can be obtained from the campus. Please contact the campus office for these documents and/or an appointment time to pick these up. 


    • Application for Early Enrollment Based on Documentation of Intended Residence (family moving to Forney into a new or existing home within 120 days from the date of enrollment)

    This application can be found under Student Services. 

Kindergarten/1st Grade Qualifications

    • A student is able to attend our full-day kindergarten program if they are five years of age or older on or before September 1 of the school year. 
    • A child may be enrolled in the first grade if he or she is at least six years of age at the beginning of the current school year or has been enrolled in the first grade, or completed kindergarten, in the public schools of another state prior to transferring to the District or must qualify under other special provisions of the law.
    • If a student wants to enter first grade prior to their 6th birthday, they may take the kindergarten acceleration test to see if they may be placed in the first grade. This test is administered in the spring for young people who already reside in the district and are seeking a placement for the upcoming school year. 
    • If a student moves into the district in the summer or early fall, they may enter kindergarten and then take the test in the fall and be placed into the first grade accordingly based on the outcome of the test. 

  • Helpful Tips for Online Enrollment

    • When entering your address, use abbreviation for Street, Drive, Lane, Circle, Court, etc., and do not use punctuation
      • Example: Street = St; Drive = Dr; Lane = Ln; Circle = Cir; Court = Ct
    • Use proper lower and upper case when typing names, address, etc. (The information you enter and the way it is entered is the information that goes into Skyward)
      • Example: John Smith not john smith 
    • Use the name that is on the child's birth certificate - not preferred name (The child's legal name must be listed in Skyward)
      • Example: Thomas R Jones not Tommy R Jones
    • Be sure to provide the proper documents for enrollment (see required documents list) 
    • Be sure to upload a utility bill - water, gas or electric - NOT internet, cable, cell phone, insurance card


  • Step 1: Create a Skyward Log In


    Click on the link to create your Skyward Log In.


    Parents will receive an email from Forney ISD with a temporary password to use for the online enrollment. 


    *IMPORTANT NOTE: If you currently have students enrolled in FISD and already have a login/password, you can skip this step and use your current login under the Family/Student Access tab.



  • Step 2: Complete the New Student Online Enrollment Application


    Once your log in has been created, click on the link to complete your New Student Online Enrollment Application and upload required documents. 


    In Login Area: click on the drop down arrow and choose New Student Online Enrollment 


    Within the online application Step 6 "Requested Documents" gives you the opportunity to upload scanned documents directly into the Enrollment Application. 

     * From your computer: save a scanned document as a PDF and upload.

     * From your phone: use an app such as Doc Scan (iphone) or Simple Scan (Android) to take a picture and upload in PDF.