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30 Ideas for Forney Family Night at Home

  1. Play video games.30 Ideas for Forney Family Movie Night
  2. Pick a FREE movie from IMDB TV
  3. Hold a karaoke contest. (Free playlist)
  4. Have a board or card game night
  5. Organize a family talent show
  6. Sit out for star-gazing
  7. Build with Legos
  8. Go for a bike ride or walk
  9. Create a family photo album
  10. Grill outside or roast marshmallows
  11. Make a meal together
  12. Play hide and seek
  13. Setup a backyard camp out
  14. Plan a family dance party (Free playlist)
  15. Have a family art contest
  16. Watch old family videos
  17. Play charades (Free downloadable cards)
  18. Create a time capsule (Instructions)
  19. Draw chalk art on your patio or driveway
  20. Put a puzzle together.
  21. Dress up for a formal dinner
  22. Model for a family photoshoot
  23. Play Bingo (Free cards to download)30 Ideas
  24. Create a family vision board
  25. Start a family book club (How to start it)
  26. Visit a virtual museum (12 virtual museum tours)
  27. Watch a free concert (List of concerts)
  28. Build a backyard obstacle course
  29. Learn a magic trick (Free magic tricks)
  30. Write letters to family or friends (Buy stamps online)