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Forney ISD Begins New Program Focused on Real Life Student Success

IRL In Real Life Logo

Forney Independent School District is introducing a new program for intermediate and middle school students focused on developing a plan and purpose for each student. The course title, “irl” (In Real Life), is designed to engage students with future-ready tools and a curriculum created to lay the foundation for each student’s personal success.

“This program is designed to get our students excited about their future,” said Forney ISD Superintendent Dr. Justin Terry.  “Our teachers, staff, community, students and alumni have all expressed a need for students to pursue future interests and help them develop a vision to better prepare them for the real world. We are ready to take on this initiative.”

The IRL course, inspired as a text message abbreviation for “in real life,” includes student development of real-life skills such as communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership and personal and business finance. In addition, students will learn about personal strengths, explore future careers and learn about components related to entrepreneurship. 

“Academic development is a traditional and important focus for schools. Through this course, we are developing skills beyond the core curriculum that are vital to personal success,” Terry said.

All students in 5th-8th grade will be enrolled in this course with dedicated teachers trained in the program. This custom-designed curriculum was built in collaboration with local, state and national leading experts in personal development. Students will take this course each day throughout these formative years. Students in 7th and 8th grade will earn one high school credit for each year of successful course completion. 

“I am beyond excited that our students will experience the impact that this program will provide,” said Terry. “Our role as leaders in education is to help students foresee what’s ahead and open doors to their future.”