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Face-to-face students homesick for the day?

Did you know that if your child is homesick, he or she can log into the classroom Canvas page and be counted present for the day?  Face-to-face students will log into Canvas, go to the content Canvas course, and click on "virtual learning".  That will then direct you to select the appropriate grading period and week to view instructional materials.  If you need help logging into Canvas/Google, check out the help documents in the Virtual Academy Parent Resources.


Should you have questions regarding the Virtual Academy, please feel free to contact the grade level teacher, Mrs. Bell, or Mrs. Branch.  Although the Academy is operated at the district level, we will work to support our Henderson virtual learners in any way we can.

Henderson Kindergarten Virtual Teacher:

Shelley Caldwell:

Ronda Orona:


Henderson 1st Grade Virtual Teacher:

Britney Anderson:


Henderson 2nd grade Virtual Teacher:

Elizabeth Milligan:


Henderson 3rd Grade Virtual Teacher:

Lauren Kuhn (Crosby):

Hollie Stewart (Criswell):

Rachel Shop (Criswell):


Henderson 4th grade Virtual Teacher:

Kristi Perkins: