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7 Forney ISD Campuses are selected as Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools

CKH Showcase Schools

Seven (7) Forney ISD campuses were selected as Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools for the 2021-2022 school year.  

  • Blackburn Elementary - Courtney Parker, Principal
  • Claybon Elementary - Angela Abrams-Malone, Principal
  • Crosby Elementary - Lloyd Ashcraft, Principal 
  • Johnson Elementary - Nancy McElroy, Principal
  • Lewis Elementary - Jenny Harstrom, Principal 
  • Rhea Intermediate, 2nd year in a row - Dr. Barbi Nack, Principal
  • Smith Intermediate, 2nd year in a row - Courtney Rodriguez, Principal

*New schools are not eligible to be a CKH National Showcase campus until they are in their second year.


The award celebrates campuses across the nation that go above and beyond in building a safe and welcoming environment where students are relationally connected and eager to learn.


This year’s selection process began with 608 campuses and resulted in 378 awardees.  


For over three decades, Capturing Kids’ Hearts has brought tools to thousands of campuses nationwide that equip teachers, coaches, administrators, and district leaders to implement transformational processes focused on cultivating student-connectedness, improving school culture, and fostering social-emotional learning. These processes are designed to directly impact every aspect of a school community. 


“We are so proud of the hard work and dedication our staff devotes to building a positive learning environment for students,” said Forney ISD Superintendent Dr. Justin Terry. “With seven campuses selected this year, this award validates their continuous commitment to building relationships with students to create a positive campus culture.”


Capturing Kids’ Hearts is proud to recognize campuses implementing these processes with measurable results that are making a difference in the lives of students. 


“Being named a National Showcase School is an honor for any district. To have seven campuses selected is outstanding,” said Forney ISD Board President Greg Pharris. “We are incredibly proud of this recognition.”


Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School awardees are evaluated and selected based on survey and performance data from administrators, teachers, staff, and students. Decreases in discipline referrals as well as positive campus culture and climate are common themes among the data from awarded campuses.


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